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Our Mission Statement:
Canopy of Neighbors creates new pathways to aging well and aging independently in community.

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Are there age restrictions for subscribers?
Members can be as young as 62.
What are Canopy's current geographic boundaries?
Canopy serves the zip codes of 14209 and 14222 and surrounding neighborhoods. As we expand, we are moving out into the community so please call for allowances for households outside our boundaries.
Why should I join if I am still independent and in good health?
People join for many reasons. Some participate because it is fun --  they enjoy outings and making new friends who are also retired and independent. Some depend upon Canopy for the vital help offered with transportation if you've given up a car or simply need some help. Your independence may depend upon successfully attending necessary medical, dental, therapy or social appointments.  A need to connect with peers with common issues is a source of comfort for many of our members. Our social programming provides a varied and rich opportunity to socialize with transportation provided. Our coffee hours offer educational, informative, and enjoyable topics at reasonable hours. Many look at this as a kind of insurance: “I may not need it now, but it will be wonderful to have it when I do” such as after a short hospital stay or to support me as I age in place in the community. Call us at 235-8133 for more information about how Canopy can help you stay independent.
Can I buy a membership for my parents or another relative or a friend?
Absolutely! You will be happy to know that your parents, relative or friend is a part of a community that enables them to age well and age independently in community. We have many members who are grateful that their friends and family have paid for a membership in order to ease everyone's burden and provide support. We are also fortunate to have donors that are generous enough to give monies dedicated to helping fixed income seniors join.