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Our Mission Statement:
Canopy of Neighbors creates new pathways to aging well and aging independently in community.

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The Person

Older individuals value their independence highly and so do we.  When a person is able to remain home as they age they tend to be much happier and their health often reflects that.  People who remain in their own homes may find it easier to maintain the social life to which they are accustomed, which is vital to the overall well-being of the person. 

The Community

While individuals benefit from remaining in their own homes as they age, they are not the only ones who have something to gain.  The community in which they live is enriched by their continued presence in a number of ways.  Seniors as a group devote a considerable amount of time to volunteerism for a wide variety of causes.

A strong senior presence in the neighborhood contributes to the area's diversity and allows for greater intergenerational contact.  Retired seniors may be the eyes and ears of the neighborhood while others are at work, and they often own their own homes, giving them a significant stake in their environment.  They may have considerable disposable income to distribute among local businesses and make important social, political, and cultural contributions to their communities.

What Is Included In Your Membership?

1. Volunteer services that include:

2. Companion for hospital and medical appointments 

3. Educational, exercise, cultural, and social events

4. Errands, shopping assistance

5. Friendly visitors/telephone assurance calls

6. Health and wellness programs

7. Home maintenance - light indoor and outdoor volunteer handyman services; referral to vetted handyman services

8. Organizing closets, drawers, memorabilia, paperwork, photos, etc

9. Technology assistance - cell phones, computers, iPads, iPhones, printers, remote controls, etc.

10. Transportation - volunteer drivers; referral to vetted transportation services

11. Volunteer opportunities - calling members about events; organizing member activities; etc.