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Our Mission Statement:
Canopy of Neighbors creates new pathways to aging well and aging independently in community.

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Media Gallery

July 17, 2014 Dr. Kumat Bahuleyan's Career in Neurosurgery and Humanitarian Work


April 3, 2014 "Betty Ott's Wonderful Life


March 9, 2014 WIVB-TV "For the People" Program on Canopy of Neighbors



Dr. Toby Laping speaks on "The Importance of Anticipating the Unexpected Accidents, Losses and Emergencies that can Disrupt Even the Best Plans for Later Life"


Dr. Robert Seller speaks on "Minor Digestive Complaints" in the area of self-managing complaints we generally do not discuss with medical professionals.


See WIVB-TV's Story On The Difficulties Involved In Choosing a Nursing Home
Featuring our own Toby  Laping and Tony Szczygiel


Spotlights On The Lives of Canopy Members:

Richard Griffin
My Years as a Lawyer In Buffalo

John Laping Speaks On
The State of Architecture in Buffalo
John Laping on Architecture 

Jack Regan Video
 Jack Regan Speaks On
Growing Up Irish in Buffalo

WIVB October InterviewWIVB-TV Focuses on Canopy of Neighbors
"Local Group Assists People As They Age"

An enjoyable picnic at DorothyCanopy Members & Friends Picnic at Dorothy Shaw's Goat Farm
To see all the Goat Farm Trip Pictures:

Delight Visited by Elizabeth
See WKBW's Feature Story On Canopy of Neighbors
The Good Things Segment on Neighbors Helping Neighbors

In case you missed Judy Willet, Director of Village to Village Network, at our 2012 Member Meeting, watch and listen to this TED Talk today!