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Our Mission Statement:
Canopy of Neighbors creates new pathways to aging well and aging independently in community.

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Are there age restrictions for subscribers?
Members can be as young as 62.
What are Canopy's current geographic boundaries?
Canopy primarily serves the zip codes of 14209 and 14222 with allowances for households outside our boundaries with approval. 
Why should I join if I am still independent and in good health?
People join for many reasons. Some participate because it is fun- they enjoy trips, educational programs and making new friends. Some enjoy the convenience of calling just one number to gain access to all kinds of services. Some enjoy the discounts. Some want a deeper link to their community and the opportunity to volunteer.  Many look at this as a kind of insurance: “I may not need it now, but it will be wonderful to have it when I do”, such as after a short hospital stay or to support me as I age in place in the community. 
Can I buy a subscription for my parents or another relative or a friend?
Absolutely! You will be happy to know that your parents or relative or friend is a part of a community that enables them to live safely and independently with dignity and respect.