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Canopy of Neighbors!


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Spotlights On The Lives of Canopy Members:

Richard Griffin
My Years as a Lawyer In Buffalo

 Review of the January 2015 Westminster Windows Tour
Westminster Windows Tour

July 17, 2014 Dr. Kumat Bahuleyan's Career in Neurosurgery and Humanitarian Work
April 3, 2014 "Betty Ott's Wonderful Life
March 9, 2014 WIVB-TV "For the People" Program on Canopy of Neighbors

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Canopy of Neighbors, Inc. continues to serve the needs of senior citizens age 62+ living independently in zip codes 14209 and 14222. Canopy is a volunteer-first village,  so when members request services, our volunteers match their abilities and skills to help with a wide variety of activities so that members can age well at home and retain the confidence to live independently.  Services include bill paying, climbing on ladders to change a light bulb, companionship, simple home repairs, spring cleaning, assistance with grocery shopping, letter writing, light housekeeping & home maintenance, technology assistance, doing yard work, and transportation to medical appointments, just to name a few!
For services beyond the skills of volunteers, a membership in Canopy of Neighbors links members with discounted vendor resources necessary to help them remain in their own homes as they grow older.
On this website you can find everything you need to know about Canopy of Neighbors, including what we do, how we do it,  and most importantly, how to join as a donor, or member, or volunteer!  As a member you can use this site to renew your membership, read the latest newsletters from Canopy of Neighbors, and sign up for events, so keep coming back to see how we grow! Enjoy!

A Tribute from a Specialist in Senior Real Estate

"This is an amazing development in senior housing that operates at a minimal cost, extends independent living, reduces isolation and saves tremendous cost to the entire senior care delivery system. Canopy directors spend a tremendous amount of time and passionate energy recruiting, coordinating, and training volunteers; and in their own words: they teach people "to be stewards of a community that is a good place for all ages to live."
Michael Olear (May 12, 2013). City Living: Canopy of Neighbors continues to grow. Buffalo News Home Finder. p 8.

Canopy of Neighbors creates:

  • Choices: retain a strong sense of self-determination as you begin to negotiate all the changes associated with growing older.
  • Community: gain a new supportive fellowship with men and women who are as active and vibrant as you are!
  • Cost-benefit: enjoy significant savings on services or transportation
  • Peace of mind: know that with Canopy of Neighbors volunteers, you are never alone.
Call 235-8133 today
for your personal introduction to our wonderful services.
Char, a member says, "Kudos for Canopy of Neighbors. I asked you to find me a dog walker and you did! She has turned out to be great. I also needed [to find] transportation to the doctor with [short notice] and you did. Keep up the good work!!"                                                                


Peter, a member says, "Just wanted to tell you that [vendor] did a wonderful job for us. Took two days involving removing wallpaper and preparing wall for painting, replaced a hole in garage wall, securing paint and applying it on both walls.  He was very neat, knew what to do, and I think he was very reasonable for the work completed.


[Another vendor] answered our need for replacing light bulbs in kitchen and over the garage AND took a light fixture in shower room and repaired it and came back today to replace the fixture.  He was a joy, a good talker so he found good company with me! Very cordial and did the work needed and was greatly appreciated."

"As the longevity revolution unfolds, senior villages will become one of the distinctive social inventions of our time.. These virtual villages offer an affordable way for seniors to find the practical support, companionship, and cultural vitality they need while remaining in their own homes and neighborhoods." 

Rozak, T, (2009).  The making of an elder culture. Gabriola Island, BC (Canada): New Society Publishers. (charter member of Ashby Village, CA)



 Patrick P. Lee Foundation Logo 

John Laping Speaks On
The State of Architecture in Buffalo
John Laping on Architecture 

 Jack Regan Speaks On
Growing Up Irish in Buffalo
Jack Regan Video

WIVB-TV Focuses on Canopy of Neighbors
"Local Group Assists People As They Age"
WIVB October Interview
WIVB-TV Interview 

Dr. Toby Laping speaks on "The Importance of Anticipating the Unexpected Accidents, Losses and Emergencies that can Disrupt Even the Best Plans for Later Life"

Dr. Robert Seller speaks on "Minor Digestive Complaints" in the area of self-managing complaints we generally do not discuss with medical professionals.

Canopy Members & Friends Picnic at Dorothy Shaw's Goat Farm
An enjoyable picnic at Dorothy 
To see all the Goat Farm Trip Pictures:

See WIVB-TV's Story On The Difficulties Involved In Choosing a Nursing Home
Featuring our own Toby  Laping and Tony Szczygiel

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The Good Things Segment on Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Delight Visited by Elizabeth

Read our Latest Canopy of Neighbors Newsletter
To get your copy, Fall 2014 Newsletter

Canopy of Neighbors is honored to receive corporate support from our community partner Lumsden McCormick, LLP. Lumsden & McCormick is one of the largest certified public accounting firms in Western New York. In addition to traditional accounting, auditing and tax services, their practice consists of nontraditional services including business advice, strategic planning, financing, sales and mergers, business valuation, litigation support, forensic auditing services, and nonprofit accounting software implementation. We are particularly pleased that Lumsden McCormick LLP is giving back to the community by helping Canopy of Neighbors.
Look into their many efforts in the Buffalo Niagara region using the following links:
Their website:
Thanks for your partnering support.
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